Hi, there!

I’m a game, VR, and narrative designer currently working at Oculus VR/Facebook in Seattle, WA.

Recently, I’ve done some stuff like:

  • I was a designer on one of the first demos for Oculus’ Santa Cruz, the world’s first standalone VR headset with 6DOF tracking and rich hand presence. I also delivered the first design talk ever given for this device about our virtual pet demo, Boundless.
  • I was a designer for a couple of nifty VR experiences at Oculus, such as the storybook world of Prologue and alien life simulator Farlands.
  • I created Elsinore, a time-looping Shakespearean adventure game, along with my best friends — then took it to IndieCade, PAX, GDC, and more. It’s been covered by outlets like Kotaku, Vice, PC Gamer, Destructoid, GameInformer, Tom’s Hardware, and others.
  • Wrote a Nancy Drew game and got to assume the persona of my favorite childhood author, Carolyn Keene, as well as write a pretty rad sea shanty.
  • Served as an editor and narrative designer on the weird and awesome Kinect mystery game D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die — and repped it on the Xbox One pre-launch press tour.
  • Delivered a GDC talk teaching students about the process to get from university to their first game design/writing job.
  • Started a movement at my alma mater to overhaul mental health care by writing about my experience with Carnegie Mellon’s student therapy system.